Client Testimonials: Good for Giver and Receiver

Do you feel uncomfortable asking your clients for a testimonial?

You needn’t! Because when you ask someone’s feedback and opinion, you are honouring them with an opportunity to share their personal experience of your product or service, and in return you’re showing that you value them too. Here is a true example. 

I had asked one of my clients for a testimonial and wanted to include it on my website for some new content. She sent me a glowing testimonial, which I proudly posted on my website and social media. Then I emailed her to let her know where I had placed it. 

This is the e-mail I received from her in return:

“Wow, thank you! I feel honoured - you have some amazing client testimonials.”


Her comment pleased and equally surprised me; I hadn’t expected it to be such a positive experience for her as well! That prompted me to do a quick online search about the value and importance of client testimonials and I came across a post on about the "Top Seven Overlooked Benefits Of Testimonials”. Here is an extract of some of the points, blended with my take on the benefits of obtaining and posting client testimonials. 

1.      Client Appreciation

Although you are the primary beneficiary of a client testimonial, you’re also making your client feel appreciated by you. Therefore, it is important to share, post and highlight testimonials; to show not only your pride in your work but also to value feedback from clients by making it public instead of hiding it away in a file folder or your bottomless email.  

2.      Strength of referrals through natural language

Using a client testimonial verbatim means you have a referral that everyone can understand. Their language (either written or spoken in a video testimonial) is every-day-language, not a marketing message that was fine-tuned by a skilled copy-writer. Your clients will likely talk and write like normal people – and others can understand and relate to that. 

3.      Learning opportunity for you

Client feedback shines a spotlight on what matters most to them. Learning the true benefits to and outcomes for your clients highlights which of your products, processes and results provide your clients with the greatest value.  

4.      Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Posting reviews and client testimonials online allows your clients and followers to like, share and talk about you and your business online. This is a good way to get referrals! And the more often a positive review is shared, the better your searchability and ranking is on search engines.  


Now go and ask your clients for testimonials, get their permission to publicise them and then share them with pride on your website and social media! Your clients will thank you.


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