New Year’s Resolutions Versus Goals – Part 1

I don't really believe in making New Year's resolutions. All too commonly, they are vague and short lived – I see that in my gym every single year!

New members with fresh enthusiasm fill the workout areas and cardio machines in the first few months, and by Easter many of them have, sadly, given up on themselves. 

Instead of “resolutions”, I do believe in making definite plans for exciting activities in the year ahead, and for my business, setting up new systems and methods that will better keep me on track and reaching my goals by the end of the year.

This January, I did something similar with my clients. At each of my weekly check-in calls with them, instead of their New Year’s resolutions, I asked them: What are your goals and dreams for 2018?

That simple question proved very effective. I got more detailed and heart-felt answers and heard more of their big-picture thinking for their businesses, as well as how it tied in with some personal goals. And as business owners, we know that our business goals always affect our personal and family goals, and vice versa.

For me as a service-based business, this is crucial information! As my clients’ virtual business manager and virtual assistant, I need to know what we (our clients, my team, and I) are working towards. For us to recommend and help implement the best approaches, and handle many individual tasks and ‘puzzle pieces’ to help them achieve their goals, we need to know where they – and by extension we – are actually heading.

With a solid road map, and having more than one person (not just the client alone) working towards their goals, our clients’ success is easier to achieve.

And that is what we do – we’ve got your back. So here’s to a successful 2018 for all of us!