Our vision is to be the Number One virtual business in Ontario and Canada. To be a recognised authority in the virtual support industry, and to become a well-respected and sought-after training company for new and established virtual assistants and virtual (online) business managers.


Our mission is to provide customised virtual business management and support services to established business owners. As integral team members, we provide the structure, tools, and support that allows them more time and focus to grow their business. To invest in creating and offering a virtual assistant training program that provides career transitioners with a solid skills base for successful self-employment, and helps existing VAs to grow. To invest in charitable and environmental causes and support local community programs that are close to our hearts.


  • Incomparable Integrity. More than just honest, we uphold high ethical and moral standards. We hold ourselves accountable to doing an exceptional job, and never break our promises. We are respectful to our team members and our clients.
  • Resourcefulness. We are a solution-driven, “can do” team, always digging for the right information, and exploring the best ways and outcomes to get your and our work done exceptionally well. We love finding alternate approaches when a Plan A is not possible.
  • Professionalism. Always representing ourselves and our clients in a professional and appropriate way, from our telephone manner to our appearance and demeanor at meetings and events.  Good language and good dress code are fundamental, as is a solid work ethic.
  • Precision & Persistence. We are exceptionally – and sometimes annoyingly – precise and persistent! From proofreading to document layout to project lists – we love details. We will keep following up until we have an answer.
  • Punctuality. We are sticklers for timeliness. Your tasks will be completed on time or sooner. We are always the ones arriving at meetings and events early.  

our why

We are small business owners because we have outgrown our jobs as employees. We are “doers” and leaders, and love continuous learning and growth. We want to offer our decades of experience in administration and organization, as well as our business knowledge to those seeking to grow their business. Being exceptionally well organised, reliable, and persistent is in our DNA – literally. Especially solo entrepreneurs need competent support, and we can say with confidence that “We’ve got your back”.