Business Support with German Accuracy and British Flair

Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.
— Jay Danzie

We work with established and successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and C-Suite Executives, supporting those who are over-stretched and reactive to the day-to-day demands instead of proactively growing their business and profit.

By having a virtual support team, you can:

  • Save time. We take care of recurring and other time-consuming tasks, so you can spend more time working on your business and high-level tasks.

  • Save and make more money. Stop spending your valuable time on administrative, support and research tasks that don’t directly serve your business growth. With a virtual support team, you don’t pay for office or equipment needs, sick leave or benefits.

  • Save your sanity (and maybe your family's too). Quit trying to do it all alone! Let us help you get your life back.

  • Gain an Accountability Partner: We remind you of your tasks, do follow-ups and generally hold you accountable (in the nicest possible way) when you are distracted by shiny new objects, ‘squirrely’ moments and simply suffering from too much to do.

While we work “virtually” from our own offices in Toronto and Orangeville, Ontario, we set up a system for regular communication so you and we feel well connected and always informed. To start and work with a new client, we follow a 5-step Virtual System:

Step 1: A thorough, complimentary Discovery Call to determine your needs. I draw out of you what you need the most help with, describe our key support areas, and what our ongoing support process looks like. Establishing a mutually good fit is essential for both sides!

Step 2: If we both want to work together and move forward, we discuss pricing, main service areas we will help with, and you receive our contract that covers our working relationship, all the confidentiality legalese and other pertinent details for a clear and successful work relationship.

Step 3: We request from you any log-in details, links and other business information we need to access your tools and programs, set up e-mail and calendar access (if required) and any online file sharing systems. Together, we decide on your top tasks to start on and schedule our weekly Check-In Calls with you. And then we start!

Step 4: We hold Check-in Calls at the start of every week and communicate via e-mail in between. The finer details of your and our work style and particular needs develop over time - we know the right questions to ask to get the most important answers out of you and fine-tune our processes as needed.

Step 5: Every six months, we hold a Review Meeting to see how we’re doing, which tasks and support roles need adding, and to get an update on your business growth goals and milestones for the next six months. Once a year, we also hold an Annual Review Meeting (in-person if you live close enough or come to Toronto, otherwise a video call) and request written client feedback to ensure we are exceeding your expectations, hear your business goals for the year and strategise with you how we can support those goals.

Overall, our approach always is to work with you, not just for you, as your trusted partner and team member - we want you to succeed. We think and work like business owners (because we are) and consider our approaches and solutions for you accordingly; always thoughtful, efficient, resourceful, and punctual, and with our trademark German accuracy and British flair.

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