Service Areas

With 20 years’ experience working in the corporate world, for non-profits, as well as running our own small business, we have the skills, experience, resources, and right attitude to get you organized. Most of our support services fall into the following four categories. See the bottom of the page for Other Services. If what you are looking for is not listed as an example, please ask us about it.



Does paperwork drive you crazy? No problem – we make lists and check them twice and are sticklers for detail. We handle document creation and organisation, can setup and tidy up your email folders and online file storage, and take care of recurring and time-consuming tasks and lists, as well as online research. We can proofread your existing and new materials, compile content for your reports, blogs, and newsletters, and set them up in your e-mail marketing platforms (we are well-versed with MailChimp, and AWeber and can quickly learn other programs).

We love good grammar and punctuation and are very resourceful in finding methods and materials to ensure all your business documentation is impeccable and professional to make you look good. You need great-looking reports, documents, spreadsheets or PowerPoint decks, and a functional online filing system? Consider it done!



We streamline and organise your business activities to improve efficiency and save you time. We fine-tune your scheduling and recurring tasks, implement tools that improve processes, documentation and reporting, and assist with business development and accountability.

We can review your website and social media platforms to ensure they are current and active enough for best exposure. We can help source and write content, and we assist with your business development if you are looking to increase your networking attendance, speaking opportunities and other growth prospects.

Our goal is to get you from overwhelmed and doing everything yourself to being organised and handing off tasks that don’t directly feed your sales activities and business growth.


project management

We plan, execute and coordinate projects, your team, your vendors and collaborators to keep your milestones on track. We love details and checklists! Allow us to handle details like researching suitable vendors, acquiring quotes for new activities or marketing materials, and track each step to ensure completion on time and within your budget.

We can work with your existing online team and project management program or recommend and setup one for you. While we ensure that nothing falls through the cracks with the multitude of tasks big and small, you can focus on your key milestones and the big picture of your business.



Do you always complete all your tasks? If yes, you can stop reading. Otherwise, we partner with you to remind and check up on you, and give you a nudge on a regular basis to stay on track. We provide structure and accountability by holding weekly check-in calls by phone or video call to ensure your active and creative mind doesn’t keep getting you side-tracked by shiny new objects! Together, we review and track your and our tasks, progress and outstanding action items and plan for what’s coming up. And we can be annoyingly persistent with following up.

We conduct a Review or Strategy Meeting with you (in person wherever possible, otherwise by video call) every three or six months to keep all of us focused on your business plans. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind that nothing important is forgotten.

Are you working with a business coach? With a substantial repertoire of supporting clients getting high-level coaching and a solid amount of business training and coaching under our belt, we understand what you are being taught and will support the steps you need to take. If you know and use Kolbe A™ scores, we know ours and our unique strengths and can share them with you to identify if we are a good fit.


Other Services

Business representation

We will be happy to assist and represent you at industry trade shows and networking meetings or events.

Meeting Planning

We can assist with venue selection, preparation and bookings. Clients require their own insurance and liability coverage for events such as:

  • Business and industry meetings

  • Networking events and workshops

  • Dinners and presentations with keynote speakers


If writing blogs, reports or article summaries is not your cup of tea, we can help. We are experienced and published writers.