owner-operator & Chief VA

Martina has organization and precision in her blood. Having been raised, educated, and trained in Germany, her work style reflects her heritage. For her clients, that means they can expect professionalism, punctuality, and all details considered and taken care of. For her friends, it means they have an utterly reliable sidekick and can always rely on an honest opinion when it matters.

Martina is equally accomplished and comfortable working with C-Suite executives and all ranks of stakeholders, as she is with the non-profit sector, small business owners, and solo entrepreneurs and their clients. She is fully bilingual and can work just as easily and precisely in English as in German.

Her thorough work training began in Germany with a three-year, federally recognized apprenticeship as office management assistant. Despite suffering through her first “boss from hell” – who equaled the fictional character Cruella de Vil in coldness (from the movie “101 Dalmations”) – her parents convinced Martina to stick with it. As a result, she adopted some valuable lessons: always to produce error-free work, maintain impeccable telephone manners and client service, and have an untouchable work ethic. The latter can also be credited to both her late parents.

What followed over the years has been a string of professional training, university degree, corporate positions as executive assistant, business training, and starting and operating her own growing business. To round off her professional skills, she also has been a leader and active participant in the volunteer sector and community engagement, and coached in several sports. 

Martina is a Certified Canadian Virtual Assistant (CCVA) with advanced level skills in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Outlook and Google Suite savvy, and has a solid working experience with numerous 'Cloud' based tools and programs. Whichever task you want done well, consider it done! You can benefit from her solid European work experience, university education from the UK and Canada, and her bilingualism.

Martina is well-spoken and very personable with an inquisitive mind, allowing her to easily integrate into any existing team. She is a published writer and blogger, a firm and creative facilitator, and active in local community and environmental volunteering. As a lifelong athlete with an active lifestyle and a love of the outdoors, you may see her hiking Toronto’s parks and ravines or pedaling along the city’s bicycle trails – that’s if you can catch up to her!


Assistant VAs

We have local virtual assistants on our team to handle either our or clients' overflow, or who may work directly with you as your direct point of contact. Regardless of who completes your tasks, you will always receive the same high level of support and quality of work that our business stands for. They are carefully selected and partnered with, so our company mission and integrity is always upheld.



Annie is part of our team as a VA subcontractor, while also growing her own VA business. She has over 18 years of administrative experience, including at the executive level in various industries that span the health industry and health care providers, telecommunications, academia and various not-for-profit organisations. As a virtual assistant, Annie has worked for small business owners in wellness, marketing/PR, business and IT consulting and finance.  

Annie is experienced with all Microsoft Office Suite applications and Google Drive. Her top skills are organisation, follow-up, researching and finding online tools and applications for us and our clients and she loves writing and designing reports and e-newsletters. She is always upbeat, has an impeccable and supportive customer service attitude and is a dedicated and hard worker.  

Annie is passionate about health and wellness, specifically in the areas of homeopathy and reflexology. To engage with and support her community, she currently serves as a volunteer on national and provincial Boards with the Reflexology Association of Canada. In her spare time, she loves cycling, hiking and spending time in nature. (photo coming soon)