Service Areas

With 20 years’ experience working in the corporate world, for non-profits, as well as running our own small business, we have the skills, experience, resources, and right attitude to get you organized. Most of our support services fall into the following four categories. See the bottom of the page for Other Services. If what you are looking for is not listed as an example, please ask us about it.


Administrative tasks can range from document creation, spreadsheets, or appealing PowerPoint decks, to managing your calendar and meeting arrangements, and much more.

  • Proof-read, edit, and format business letters, reports, tables, and other presentation materials
  • Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint slide decks (including graphics and slide animation)
  • Create and manage shared online file storage
  • Manage your calendar, meetings, and client communications


We organize and streamline your day-to-day activities, taking you from overwhelmed to cool, calm and collected. This may include reviewing and improving your recurring tasks and schedules, and delegating more tasks away from you. You will end up having more time to work on your main focus area(s), grow your business, and have more personal and family time.

  • Organize you, your business, and your documents
  • Recommend online programs for process automation (e.g. accounting/invoicing, task boards, online file storage, CRM)
  • Setup your social media and e-mail marketing schedule
  • Be your "accountability partner" to ensure tasks are completed on time

project management

We can plan, execute, and manage projects to help you achieve your business milestones. Leave the details to us! We will check in with you regularly to keep you informed on progress, and will handle the plethora of phone calls, e-mails, follow-ups, and reminders with vendors and suppliers.

  • Assist you in setting up a new business or branch
  • Track everything throughout the project, from registrations, finding vendors for branding and web design, to scouting out your new office/business location, and planning your launch
  • Search product reviews for the best printer, laptop, or online programs
  • Track the individual steps of your project


We have a knack for writing business information in a professional format, as well as easy-to-read blogs. You need information researched? We will find it. We have a proven track record for fresh and informative newsletter content, inspiring and observational guest blogs, book summaries, and well-researched columns that get noticed.

  • Edit and expand on your draft notes for any kind of writing
  • Find and compose content for e-mail marketing (e.g. e-newsletters or e-mail blasts)
  • Create e-newsletter templates with your company colours and logo
  • Write reviews and summaries on business related articles or books


Other Services

Business Management

  • Assist and represent you at industry trade shows, and networking meetings or events
  • Identify and make connections to our network to help develop your business
  • Work with you to improve your elevator pitch and sales conversation
  • Give pointers on how to improve your presentation and public speaking skills

Meeting Planning

We can assist with venue selection, preparation, social media, and bookings. Clients require their own insurance and liability coverage for any event.

  • Planning your business and industry meetings
  • Networking and Workshops hosted by you
  • Dinners and presentations with keynote speakers