OUR corporate social responsibility

Even as a small business, we uphold social and environmental commitments as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our founder, Martina Rowley, has a lifelong passion for the environment. She holds an honours degree in Environmental Studies (BES Hons) from York University, Canada, a certificate in Environment and Third World Studies from the Open University, UK, and professional certification as Associate Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) from the UK.

In addition to her professional experience ranging from corporate environmental affairs to community animation in the non-profit sector Martina 'walks her talk'. Her day to day life and activities reflect her environmental commitment and she is actively involved as volunteer, leader, and Board member with local and city-wide environmental community and non-profit organizations, some of which she co-founded.



Naturally, sustainable practices are part of our everyday business and life. We keep our environmental footprint as small as possible, and encourage some better purchasing and event practices with our clients whenever possible. What we do:

  • Office Resources and Stationery: We buy paper and paper products made from recycled materials, FSC certified, and renewable resources, e.g. printer paper, notebooks, and other stationery. We often buy from Staples, who have over 2,000 eco responsible products and a Sustainable Earth product line. We also make purchases at small local stores.
  • Traveling: We take public transit to meetings and events, or car-pool.
  • Bottled Water:  We drink only tap water and take our refillable water bottles to-go. This saves approximately 1,460 1-litre PET plastic bottles per year (per person), including 4,380 litres of additional water for the bottle production and packaging process. At meetings and events that we organize and/or host, we encourage the use of fresh tap water.
  • Recycling/The 3Rs: We, in fact, encourage the 5 Rs: rethink, refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle. That means replacing computers and technology only when broken or ineffective, double-sided printing and photo-copying whenever feasible, and reusing or repurposing anything possible to limit our resource consumption.



First and foremost, we conduct ourselves ethically in our business and with our clients’ businesses. Always.

We hire local support staff and outsource tasks we don’t do to other Canadian businesses, preferably within the GTA to support our local business friends, and the local economy.

We participate in local community or municipal civic engagement, and contribute to making and keeping our neighbourhood and city a good and fair place to live in.

We take part in meetings with peer groups to share our business knowledge with other small business owners, and are known to start or lead neighbourhood initiatives. These have included running social Meetup groups, environmental community groups, and hands-on engagement with street beautification projects, foraging and sharing wild fruit from city parks, and general advocacy for better practices. Martina is on the Board of Directors of a local environmental non-profit organization, and writes an environmental column for the local newspaper.